Bread on Earth:
A feast on bread cultures, politics, and ecologies

We are all over projects that are devoted to one subject, from doors to benches to case in point, bread. Bread on Earth is not a delivery of your typical brunch menu. It is, in fact, an ongoing study that delves into the global histories of the making of our breads, revealing the cultures, politics, ecologies, and sociality surrounding them.

We think so little of the food on our tables today. Even with farm-to-table becoming a theme in main media, we still underestimate the magnitude of work and lives touched throughout the food ecosystem. 

“Bread, through a long history of ideology and seizure of the means of production by the powerful, is a commodity as much as it is a living artifact of the human experience.”  
Recently, evident in the rise of home-bakers, some as business owners, “bread once again, as in so many other eras of crisis, rose up as a symbol of sustenance, comfort and security.” Less seen are the “many regional and small-scale farmers, millers and bakers standing by to provide for this resurgence.” 

Bread on Earth is a keen reminder that “flour is the commodity that requires humans to produce. It’s a product of labor and technology. It reflects history.”

To learn more, you can explore the Bread on Earth site, where you can gain insight into broader global food systems, and a tip or two for your breadmaking. 

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(All images and quotes from @bread_on_earth)