A comprehensive and honest ‘search engine’ to discover new brands

Thingtesting is a community discovering new brands.

Founded by Jenny Gyllander, ex-Backed VC as a side project, Thingtesting has grown to become a global community learning and talking about new brands. 

The business of Thingtesting — their product and the team — has evolved since we first reached out in 2018, the year Jenny started it as a side project. Then, seeing an abundance of direct-to-consumer brands being launched, she thought, Has anyone tested these? Are they really better? 

Jenny would give two reviews — one from a consumer’s perspective, and the other from an investor’s, capitalising on her knowledge of the venture capital world. 

What’s on Thingtesting?
“Thingtesting features new online-born brands that sell physical things (across industries like Outdoor, Personal Care, Food, Pets, and more). To be featured on Thingtesting a brand must bring something new to the market, be that a differentiated product, or an interesting story with world-class branding.
In its first year, Thingtesting’s readership grew to more than 25,000 followers, eagerly commenting their reviews, questions, and suggestions. This proved that people were curious about stories behind brands and authentic reviews.

Up till this day, Thingtesting doesn’t host paid content, and they don’t plan to forever. They aim to be a trustworthy resource for people to learn about new brands, and are supported by Friends of Thingtesting (a paid membership).

Featuring more than 1,600 brands, their directory has handy features like where brands ship to (underrated information!) and others such as “B Corp”, “Black-founded”, and “Subscription”.

On a free membership, one can also curate public and private lists to keep track of brands they want to test or have tested. 

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Instagram: @thingtesting

(Images c/o Thingtesting)